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Zen Shiatsu

Shiatsu is both a physical therapy and a form of energy work. Practitioners spend 3+ years developing the touch, sensitivity and receptivity that is unique to Shiatsu. Treatments may involve a combination of appropriate levels of perpendicular pressure and Ki projection on specific points, with stretching and rotations to relax tension and to stimulate weaker areas. As a therapy, it stimulates wellness and self-regulating functions in the body, rather than treating disease. The patient remains fully clothed. The therapist uses a variety of diagnostic techniques to assess the mind and body and identifies areas that require attention.  

Shiatsu originated in Japan and some of its theory developed from Chinese Medicine. It is now used throughout the world and incorporates influences and teachings from both Western and Eastern Medicine and therapies. Many sub-categories of Shiatsu have evolved over the years. I practice Zen Shiatsu and trained at the longest established Shiatsu school in the UK - the Shiatsu College in Norwich.

Shiatsu practitioners cultivate a non-judgemental and compassionate attitude towards all patients, and are often able to facilitate positive transformation where other approaches have been unsuccessful. It is usually a very relaxing experience. Many of my patients report that following a course of treatments they feel significantly more relaxed, sleep better, feel less tense and feel more at ease in themselves.