Jill - May 2019 - Submitted directly

I have been suffering from migraines for many years and reply entirely on prescription medication to treat the condition. 
On the morning of my first appointment with Dr Trill I was suddenly engulfed by a migraine attack whilst driving to her clinic. I decided not to take my meds (which I always carry with me), but explain the situation to her on arrival.
We spoke about the details of my condition and she began her treatment. By the end of the session my migraine was considerably eased and within a couple of hours or so it had completely disappeared.
This has never happened before; my migraines have never gone away without strong medication. I have continued a course of treatment with Dr Trill and over the last few months the frequency and intensity of attacks has been notably lessened.
I can only thank her for this most welcomed help and recommend her highly to others suffering from this condition.

Kim - Jan 2018 - Review from Facebook page

Following what feels like a lifetime of back pain and neck pain exacerbated by a road traffic accident in June 2017 I initially tried osteopathy, whilst this helped I reached a plateau so decided to give acupuncture a go. Initially suffering shoulder and back pain which at times was debilitating some sessions with Helen eased the symptoms, over the course of treatment the lower back pain appears to be radiating from higher up and now I am aware I can manage the symptoms and try and avoid any further damage.
Helen is very experienced, got to the root cause of my low back pain which in turn improves my quality of life, continuing with treatment but now fortnightly and it continues to improve.
Excellent friendly practitioner, knows her stuff !!
If you have tried other alternative medicines without benefit I suggest you try Helen, a combination of acupuncture, cupping, massage and exercise has definately helped me.
Highly recommended.

Louise - Dec 2017 - Review from Google+

I have been visiting Helen for about a year now for chronic insomnia. I have a session every 4 weeks to maintain a decent nights sleep, I’ve tried everything and acupuncture is the only thing that has helped. Helen is exceptionally knowledgable and will often suggest slight changes to treatment depending on any other minor ailments that I have at the time. The clinic is immaculate and a very relaxing environment. I would highly recommend Babbling Springs and the treatments that Helen provides.

Shahin - April 2017 - Review from Facebook page

I've suffered from debilitating sciatica for years having tried conventional treatment unsuccessfully I decided to go for accupuncture. Following a single treatment of accupunture with infrared light therapy from Helen it has completely resolved - Thank you. Brillant service - definitely recommended by me.

Slav - Feb 2017 - Review form Facebook page

Recently completed my lower back treatment. After only few sessions I felt better and once finished the whole complex treatment I am brand new now. Highly recommend ! Thanks Helen!

Gabika - Jan 2017 - Review from Google+

"Helen was recommended to me through a family member as I have suffered from migraines for a number of years. I have been on medication for a long time but decided to try an alternative.

I'm not the most confident of people but I found Helen to be very patient, open and thoroughly knowledgable and she put me at ease.
After a series sessions I have found my migraines have ceased and any headaches I do get are now manageable and infrequent.
I cannot praise Helen and the service she provides enough, and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Bubbling Spring Acupuncture."

Sarah - Jan 2017 - Submitted via Contact Form on this website

"I have been seeing Helen for about 6 months to treat my hot flushes with acupuncture. I can honestly say it has helped me a great deal - I have gone from having about nine hot flushes a day to about six a week. Impressive. I can recommend this treatment to anyone who is experiencing hot flushes."

Kate - Dec 2016 - Review from Google+

"I have been visiting Helen for a few months now for help with my chronic IBS. Having suffered with IBS for over 5 years and having tried every medicine and 'quick fix' going I was completely lost and without hope. Helen made me feel immediately comfortable and welcome in her beautiful clinic.

I was unmotivated, lacking in confidence and fed up before I started my acupuncture treatment but I can now happily say a few months on that my symptoms have either completely gone or are now so manageable and slight that they no longer impact me negatively.

Helen is incredibly knowledgeable, really listens and truly cares about your welfare and health. I would recommend anyone struggling and feeling that there is no light at the end of the tunnel (not only with IBS but anything) to give Helen a try!"

Lesley - Sept 2016 - Review from Facebook Page

"I am undergoing Acupuncture to cease smoking -Helen Trill who runs Bubbling Spring Acupuncture Clinic is amazing ,very supportive. The Acupuncture treatment is totally painless and works !"

James - June 2016 - Review from WhatClinic.com

"Following years of on and off treatments on a bad back I finally decided to try acupuncture. The treatment that Helen has provided has been excellent and my back has not felt this good for years. Helen provided advise on exercises and a follow up plan. I would recommend Helen.

I found Bubbling Spring Acupuncture Clinic through a google search, sent an email and got a response within a few hours with an available appointment, everyone else I contacted took at least 2 days to get back to me.
Helen was very friendly and professional, after my consultation I was confident in Helen's knowledge and comfortable with the treatment plan suggested."

Kathryn - April 2016 - Review from WhatClinic.com

"I went to Helen for lower back pain and to also see if she could help with PMT. Having never had acupuncture before I was not sure what to expect and I have to admit, I was also a little sceptical. After 3 or 4 sessions my back was feeling back to normal meaning I was able to get back to the gym after a long 3 months. My PMT symptoms had surprisingly almost vanished too. What has surprised me the most is how I feel generally - more balanced, more energy and a better sense of well being and harmony. I don't fully understand how it works, it just does. For these reasons I have continued to have acupuncture on a fortnightly basis and will probably go to once a month to keep my mood 'topped up'. Helen is very professional and knowledgable in the subjects and I am very grateful to her for the help she has given me. I would highly recommend her."

Karen - March 2016 - Review from Bubbling Spring Acupuncture Clinic Facebook Page

"I have just completed a term of Tai Chi and Qigong with Helen, and it's been a delight! She's a great teacher and very patient (she needs to be with me in her class!). This is a great way to exercise, have fun and de-stress."

Kash - Feb 2016 - Review from Google+

"I recently injured my shoulder. Having previously suffered a dislocation on my other shoulder, I was eager to avoid the same from happening again. I booked a consultation and from there received acupuncture and massage.

Helen herself is very warm, caring and considerate. I was never in any doubt that I was being well looked after. Bubbling Springs is a pleasant and well equipped clinic; there was no shortage of equipment to make sure that I was comfortable. At times, I wasn't very easy to make comfortable, so I was appreciative of how accommodating Helen was.

As for the care, Helen made a thorough and complete assessment of my health before outlining the treatment I would be receiving. Throughout, I was asked about my health and comfort. The treatment was comprehensive and I left every session feeling relaxed, strengthened and well looked-after. Unlike other forms of treatment, I found the acupuncture and massage to be very relaxing. Having a busy work and home life, I found this to be something to look forward to.

A very positive experience that left my shoulder good as new, with no further issues. I am going to continue my active lifestyle with confidence that I can call upon The Bubbling Springs clinic in the event of any injury. I know I will be taken care of.

Thank you!"

G - Oct 2015 - Review form WhatClinic.com

"I had several sessions of acupuncture to treat a really sore heel which id had for ages and was getting me down as nothing seemed to help. My heel has really improved since and the pain is almost gone! I'm very happy and can't believe it's worked so well.

The clinic is lovely and feels very calming when you walk in. Helen is great and really put me at ease. We talked through my problem and what treatment I'd had before, she seemed very knowledgable and I felt she really wanted to help, which made a change from my GP who couldn't have cared less! Highly recommended."

Simone - Sept 2015 - Review from Bubbling Spring Acupuncture Clinic Facebook Page

"Excellent treatment in a lovely environment. I would recommend Bubbling Spring to anyone considering trying acupuncture"

Jeff - Aug 2015 - Review from Google+

"After having muscular problems Helen has helped me with acupuncture, massage and stretches, I would recommend her"

What my patients say

I've collated all the reviews my patients have left for me around the internet below. I know I always find it helpful to know what others think of a place, person or product before committing to a decision, so I hope you find these helpful. Helen Trill

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