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What happens?

Brief Consultation

Before treatment you will have a brief consultation to gather essential health information. For example, we need to check whether you have any health conditions which would preclude the use of this form of ear acupuncture, such as epilepsy, a pacemaker, haemophilia, pregnancy.  You will be asked about your smoking history and reason for wishing to stop smoking. Strong motivation and reduction of life's stresses is very important.


You sit wearing normal clothing. The treatment consists of 5 small, fine sterile, disposable stainless steel needles being inserted gently into each (outer) ear. The needles remain in place for 30-35 mins after which the needles are removed. Tiny ear seeds/studs which remain in place until the next treatment are then placed on the ear points. you will be taught to apply acupressure to these ear points and to do so as a self help method when they have cravings between treatments.

How many treatments will I need and cost?

The recommended number of treatments using the NADA protocol is five treatments. These can be over a 3 week period. We ask that people come twice in week 1, twice in week 2, and once in week 3.

Further follow-up treatments are available in required/needed.​

Auricular Acupuncture for Smoking Cessation