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Feedback from Oct 2016 Workshop

"The reduced light and bell really set the scene for thinking a bit differently. Practical experience with the tea was really good (and nice tea)."

"3 step technique takes something done on a management course a bit further - will try this"

"Enjoyable and enlightening. Learnt some great techniques for dealing with every day vagaries of life. I particularly liked the clarity with which you were able to present the practices."

"Very gentle and relaxing 'instruction'. Very friendly and non-judgemental teacher/group. Given me some very useful techniques which I instantly felt are beneficial - so I am motivated to do them."

"I did enjoy every moment. It was lovely. I will make a point to come again. You were very nice, kind and soft. Thanks. I will see you again."

"Thanks for the class last night - I think mindfulness might really work for me - you are an excellent teacher - thankyou for making me so welcome and comfortable. See you in November."

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Mindfulness is fitness for the mind. These ancient techniques are now practiced in workplaces, schools, prisons, a variety of secular and non-secular groups, and at home. Recent neuro-scientific research has demonstrated that the mind can be exercised, cultivated and strengthened just as the body can. We can train the mind to manage difficult emotions more easily, and to find contentment and enjoyment in the present moment. My courses offer the opportunity to learn mindfulness skills in a supportive, secular, small group setting. Using the techniques taught you can:

  • Learn to observe and handle the chattering mind – often a source of many of our worries.
  • Learn how to create space, to be more creative about decisions you want to make.
  • Re-connect with your body, and undo mental and physical knots and tensions.
  • Learn techniques to cope with stressful moments in life.
  • Learn key mindfulness techniques to use everyday.

With dedication and practice the majority of people gain something of benefit from regular mindfulness practice, such as:

  • More energy and enthusiasm
  • Reduction in stress & anxiety
  • A quieter mind
  • Better pain management
  • Improved concentration
  • Increased confidence and strength

The Course

Our 5 week course covers the key mindfulness meditation skills typically taught over 8 weeks.  They are suitable for everyone. All that's required is curiosity and commitment. Come and learn what mindfulness is and learn techniques to cope better with everyday stresses when you go away and put the skills into practice.

Your teacher Helen Trill has a background in the health sciences, Chinese acupuncture, Zen Shiatsu, Tai Chi Qigong and Mindfulness. Helen is qualified to teach mindfulness skills and experienced at teaching mind-body arts and mindfulness to groups and individuals.

The course includes the following:

  • Mindfulness of breathing (formal sitting meditation)
  • Bodyscan
  • Three step breathing space
  • Mindfulness in everyday life (informal practice)
  • Loving kindness / compassion meditation
  • Body awareness and mindful movement
  • Dealing with difficult emotions

Date, Time, Cost

  • New dates and times coming soon (updated May 2018), please register interest by signing up below.
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