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How Does Acupuncture Assist Fertility?

The causes of difficulty in conceiving is unique to each individual, and often complex. Diagnosing the individual pattern of disharmony responsible is a key part of our approach to treatment.

A full case history will be taken, as well as information gained from your pulse and tongue, which display significant variations. These variations correlate with disorders of different organs and body systems. An appropriate combination of acupuncture points are selected for treatment according to your individual diagnosis. These may change as the treatment progresses from week to week. 

How Long will Treatment Last?

The initial course of treatments is 6 weeks, however, as with any long standing conditions, successful treatment may require more than one course of treatment to achieve results. Treatments are usually weekly. If you are planning to have IVF, a course of treatments beforehand is recommended to balance and strengthen the body physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Treating Infertility with Chinese Acupuncture