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Do you need to improve your core strength, improve flexibility, balance and mobility? If the answer is yes you've come to the right place. 

We offer a 6 week package either on a 1:1 basis, or 2:1 if you'd like to bring your partner or friend to train with.

Before the program starts you'll have a consultation with Pilates teacher and therapist Helen Trill. She will assess your posture, flexibility and core strength, discuss your goals and gather medical information. Helen will teach you the principles of Pilates, and prepare an exercise program specifically for you to begin the following week. 

As well your individual tuition each week, you will be given exercises to practice in-between the sessions to help you achieve your goals. At the end of the 6 weeks you have the option to continue, or to take the skills and exercises you have learned and continue to practice and benefit at home, or in a class. 

Some people choose personalised Pilates training to build up their confidence before joining a class. Others want to be sure they learn the exercises correctly following injury, or hip replacement surgery for example - when it's really important to get it right. Other exercises may be built into the program including basic tai chi and qigong, stretches and functional exercises - whatever is appropriate for you and your goals. 

Prices and Booking

Helen is qualified in Pilates and Sports Injury Therapy. Our personal Pilates training prices are very competitive and represent an excellent alternative to continued physiotherapy appointments.

Our prices and online booking system are here

Please call Helen on 07771 928231 with any questions.

Personal Training in Pilates and Tai Chi