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Professional Memberships and Background

Helen Trill is fully qualified and professionally registered to practice traditional Chinese acupuncture with the Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council, one of several regulatory bodies for acupuncture in the UK. NHS Choices approves of Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council members, all of whom must conform to its Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations and Code of Professional Conduct and Safe Practice. Both Helen and the clinic are licensed by Peterborough City Council who described the clinic as "Rolls Royce compared to others" when they came to inspect. 

Helen has worked in the field of health from a variety of angles. Before professionally re-training in traditional Chinese and Japanese approaches to health, she spent 8 years in academia gaining a doctorate in medical diagnostic technologies, 6 years in a progressive range of roles in pre-clinical development in the pharmaceutical industry, followed by 2 years working as a freelance scientific consultant partly while retraining.

Helen has a long held interest in Chinese martial arts, learning Wu Shu Kwan Kung Fu many years ago as an undergraduate, and in more recent years in the internal arts of tai chi chuan, qigong and neigong. The switch to internal arts was prompted after 6 years of back pain from age 22. Helen has worked to understand, manage and greatly improve her back pain over the last 15 years through exploring various mind-body arts in detail and putting them into practice. A growing interest in tai chi and eastern philosophy then led to Shiatsu therapy, and from there to acupuncture. It has been an enlightening journey, and in the future Helen would like to add herbal medicine to her skill set. Helen always trains and studies with the top people in their respective fields, seeking especially to learn authentic versions of both medical practices and internal arts. Helen also enjoys rock climbing, piano improvisation and photography.

Continuing Professional Development Courses


- Advanced acupuncture clinical internship at the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou, China


- 3rd year student for professional Shiatsu Diploma (The Shiatsu College, Norwich)

- Cert. in advanced electro-acupuncture (internal conditions) (training with Danny van Laethem)


-Cert. in acupuncture for neck disorders/pain (training with Danny van Laethem)

-Cert. in electro-acupuncture (training with Danny van Laethem)

-Cert. in auricular (micro-systems) acupuncture

-Cert. in teaching mindfulness meditation (Midlands Centre for Mindfulness and Compassion)


-Cert. in seated acupressure (The Shiatsu College, Norwich)

-Cert. in holistic acupressure (The Shiatsu College years 1 and 2 of Shiatsu Diploma)


Professional Diploma in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (2015)

Awarded by Maria Mercati, The International BodyHarmonics Centre, examined by senior lecturer of the University College of Antwerp, Dept. of Acupuncture, Belgium

Dip. in Sports Injury Therapy/Massage

Awarded by ProActive Training

Dip. in Teaching Mat Pilates
Awarded by Heath and Fitness Education

PhD in Medical Diagnostic Technologies (2006)

Awarded by Cranfield University

BSc Biotechnology (2002)

Awarded by The University of Reading

Chinese Internal Martial Arts and Health Preservation Exercise Experience

- Zi Wu Men Tradition level 1 course with Master Li Yu Hua (2016) in Yi Jin Jing (muscle and tendon changing classic), Xi Sui Jing (bone marrow neigong) and Hei Sha Zhang (black sand yin yang palm).

- Tai Chi Chuan Sword residential with lineage Master Dan Docherty in 2014.

- Dan Docherty Cranbrook Tai Chi Chuan camps in 2012 and 2013  - hand, sabre, spear, applications, san shou (self defence), tui shou (pushing hands)

- Student of James Wong and Kim Mahler 2009-2013, 2016 in Wu Cheng / Practical Tai Chi Chuan hand form, sabre form, spear form, sword, tui shou, various qigong, neigong, yoga.

Helen is committed to continuous professional development.

Helen Trill - Professional Acupuncturist

Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council